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Restore the natural luster of your hair and the natural glow of your skin with Cultured Naturals 360 Hair and Body Oil.
Essential sense, with light blends of African Neem, Aloe, and Almond Oil, a fun and skin pampering way to revitalize and smooth the body… from Hair to Toe.

Karite Herbal
Karite Shea Butter blended with Herbs infused with sweet Almond oil cleavers, nettle calendula comfrey, chamomile, Rosemary Lavender, Tea Tree and yellow dock It is dramatically effective in relieving conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis dry itchy skin, and Fungal skin infections. $15.00 4 oz

Lavender Hair OilLavender Oil
Hair Oil/Lavender Essential Oil: Perfect for hair and scalp treatment. The extra virgin Olive Oil, Jojoba oil Almond Oil and other essential oils which replicates the body’s natural oils, makes this product perfect for restoring the pliability and natural SHEEN to hair and scalp. It’s great for itchy dry scalp and dry Hair. $15.00 8 oz


For the ultimate divine hair and body experience Cultured Naturals 360
Our products are blended with assorted butters and essential majestic therapeutic oils.
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