About us

The Cultured Group is a marketing educational group that was founded by a group of beauty industry professionals with a combined total of more than fifty years in the beauty industry as barbers, stylists, and educator’s with expertise in sales and marketing, as well as, product development. In 1998 we found ourselves on the pulse of the natural hair revival and with the belief that the natural hair “phenomena” was here to stay. Cultured Group was created with the development of 360 hair products and Naturals a line of all natural hair care products.

The Cultured Group believes that the closer you are to your natural hair texture and natural color, the healthier your hair will be. Our adage is that “if the ingredients should not be put in your body, they should not be put on your body or hair.” Nature possesses complex and powerful ingredients whose benefits cannot be replicated in a laboratory. The Cultured Group believes we must promote a healthy lifestyle from the inside out. As hair and skin care professionals, we know that if you do not take care of your body, it does not make any difference what you do to the hair or skin, they will not stay healthy. Our commitment is to deliver the best natural and herbal products to our clients because that’s the way nature planned it.

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