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Cultured Naturals Affiliate Program
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How The Community Marketing Program Works

In addition to providing a spectacular range of natural hair and skin products, Cultured Naturals also offers you the opportunity to take charge of your financial health. More than just buying amazing products at a discount price, Cultured Group Corp. (CGC) can help you to achieve career independence and financial freedom.

CGC has designed a generous earnings package, which is available to anyone who becomes a part of the affiliate marketing program. The Cultured Naturals Community Affiliate Program allows you to earn up to 40% discount on all products for resale


Our New Community Affiliate Marketing

You can now earn money with Cultured Naturals by referring your friends, family members or acquaintances. Start promoting our products and services online and make significant income without having to come out of pocket with a large outlay of cash.

Our Community Marketing program will work for you, whether you are a professional or just want to occasionally refer customers to our site. You will receive a 10% discount on any product that you purchase also a payout of 10% on anyone that you refer through your affiliate link and 2% payout on anyone that they refer up to 5 levels deep. Soon you will begin to receive sales from customers that you do not even know.

Your Affiliate ID Number

You will sign up for a Community Affiliate id number and link. This link will include a 4-5 digit number that you can promote on any site. You can place your Community Affiliate id link on your products so your clients, when they go to our site, purchase with your Community Affiliate id number and you will receive credit for their purchase.

We also recommend that you place your Community Affiliate id link on all of your personal social networking sites such as YAH Khai, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Squiddo, etc... and definitely share it through email with all of your family, friends and associates. This will give you the optimal viewing exposure.

Community Marketing Affiliate Program Payment

You will receive a monthly payout directly to a paypal account of your choice. We are not responsible for any fees that paypal charges your account to receive payouts from the Community Marketing Affiliate Program

Distributorship Program Save 40%

Purchase a case of any product in our shopping cart and receive a 40% discount on your purchase. This gives you the opportunity to resale our products and make a 40% profit. You can purchase as many cases of different product as you like and resell the products in your store, to your friends, family, and aquaintances or anyone else you choose.

In order to become a Distributor you must sign up for the Community Affiliate Marketing Program, once you have done so your downline and payouts will work the same as The Community Marketing Affiliate program. We suggest you also place your Community Marketing Affiliate link on your products so if your client wants to purchase again online you will receive credit for their purchase.

CULTURED GROUP offers you the opportunity to take charge of your financial health. This offer is much more than simply allowing you to purchase Cultured Natruals products at a lower cost. A CGC distributorship can help you achieve independence, and fulfillment in helping others and even true financial freedom. CGC sells its products via direct marketing. Independent distributors sell products to family members, friends, and co-workers... anyone interested in living a healthier, more natural lifestyle. As a distributor, you can earn an excellent income while doing what you enjoy: talking to people, learning about natural health and helping others. When you join Culture, the "People-to-People" Health Business, you become part of the CGC family. You make new friends, learn ways to improve your health, teach others about healthy living and have the opportunity to earn exciting benefits.

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