Weight Loss Herbs
There are many herbal ways that can help you on your journey to weight loss:

When incorporating herbs and herbal products into your health regime try to include fresh herbs, instead of just using dried and otherwise processed herbal products. Of course it isn ’t always possible to get the above herbs in fresh form, but if you can get your hands on them it would be a great idea to eat them every day, as fresh as possible. Instead of taking a capsule, eat a handful of fresh parsley. Experiment with tasting each of your favorite culinary herbs made up as “diet” tea. Grow your own dandelion leaves, plantain, mints, lettuce, whatever, and whip it up in your blender as your special diet supplement. You will find that there are almost no calories in most herbs. Eating and living with herbs can start a lifestyle which is one step closer to permanent weight loss and wellness.

Herbs can be used to assist in the weight loss process. They may not be enough to bring on weight loss on their own but when used in combination with dietary changes and mild exercise can make most weight loss attempts very successful.
Weight loss programs are not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. If you are pregnant and/or lactating please consult a qualified herbalist before taking any herbs.

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